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Pioneering Environmental Consulting since 1998

A Journey Rooted in Passion and Expertise

In the mid 1990s, amidst the changing landscapes of environmental awareness, Michael Henry observed an emerging need. While working at a local survey and engineering firm in 1996, he began diving into the realms of wetland delineation and Section 404/10 permitting. A passion was ignited, and the knowledge acquired with each project gave birth to an idea – an idea to make a difference.

By October of 1998, that idea had taken root as HYDRIK. The name, a playful nod to the term "hydric" – denoting a type of wetland soil – symbolized the company's foundation: to merge a long term vision with a passion for knowledge and growth with a hint of irreverence. The original HYDRIK logo, crafted in the simplistic digital brushstrokes of Microsoft Paint, became a testament to the company's humble beginnings.

Determined and spirited, Michael ventured into a market dominated by more established and experienced groups. Yet, by mid-1999, HYDRIK celebrated a significant milestone: the companies first approved JD by the New Orleans District Army Corps of Engineers. And by the time snowflakes graced the landscapes that winter, 46 more projects stood as a testament to HYDRIK's dedication.

The journey wasn't without its challenges. Carving a niche amidst more established and experienced consultants required a fresh perspective. Michael believed that while the biological aspects of wetlands were undeniably vital, there was a pressing need to focus just as much on not only the intricate workings of complex regulatory requirements but also successfully merging those requirements with the client’s vision.

Today, 4000 projects later, HYDRIK stands as a beacon of commitment. With each project, we celebrate our history, a blend of passion, expertise, and a dash of nostalgia. As we look ahead, we remain grounded in our roots, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Other Services

GIS Mapping
Transform raw data into visual insights, enhancing decision-making and offering a comprehensive understanding of spatial dynamics.
State and Local Permitting
Navigate the complexities of state and local regulations with expert guidance tailored to ensure your project's seamless compliance.
Wetland Delineation
Comprehensive on-site identification and mapping of wetlands following US Army Corps of Engineers' guidelines, essential for obtaining a Jurisdictional Determination.
Section 404 / 10 Permitting
Permitting and mitigation for unavoidable impacts to Section 404/10 Federal wetlands and waters as defined in the wetland delineation phase.
Hydrik's Resource Vault
Dive into a rich reservoir of comprehensive documents, from the foundational Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual to the latest updates on vascular plant species in wetlands. Whether you're seeking technical manuals or simpler overviews, our curated collection ensures you're well-equipped with credible and authoritative insights. Start your journey through the intricate world of wetlands with HYDRIK as your guide.
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