Wetland Delineation

Wetland Delineation

Although HYDRIK has provided wetland related services throughout the United States, our primary focus are areas within the New Orleans , Vicksburg, and Mobile US Army Corps of Engineers Districts.

Wetland Delineation
Wetland delineation is the fieldwork that determines the boundary between uplands and wetlands on a property. This on-site work follows guidelines established by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the “1987 Manual” and Supplements and is typically required for the US Army Corps of Engineers to issue a Jurisdictional Determination or JD.

Three specific elements must be present during establishing a wetland area as it relates to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Wetland Vegetation
    Wetlands are home to hydrophytic vegetation. Plants that grow on or in water or even sometimes minor saturated soil conditions. Wetland plant communities are unique to these environments and are one of three indicators of the presence of a wetland.
  • Wetland or “Hydric” Soils
    Hydric soils exhibit identifiable physical properties that exist from prolonged saturation conditions. A soil survey assists the wetland delineator in identifying whether hydric soils are present on a parcel of land.
  • Wetland Hydrology
    Wetland hydrology maintains wetlands. It provides conditions that develop the hydric soils which support wetland vegetation. Hydrology is the most crucial wetland parameter but the most difficult to identify. Seasonal water level fluctuations can make a determination of the presence of wetland hydrology a challenge.

Once physical wetlands are located and established, it is critical to coordinate with State and Federal agencies to determine whether they have jurisdiction over these areas which would require permits for impact. This is typically done by submitting a wetland delineation report to The US Army Corps of Engineers for review so they may issue an approved or preliminary JD denoting potential jurisdiction or lack thereof.

JD - A JD or “Jurisdictional Determination” is a US Army Corps of Engineers approval of a wetland delineation performed by a private consultant or other government entity that confirms the extent of jurisdictional waters or wetlands on a property.

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